Business Turnaround

When “business as usual” is no longer enough!  

You already know that trading has been challenging over several quarters or even years? Consumers seem less interested in your offer.  Perhaps a new product or service is disrupting your traditional market. Your business is not in immediate danger but it could certainly benefit from an uplift in performance!

So is there another approach to marketing your products or services, or to structure your business, for better results? Could a change in your organisation be the catalyst that is needed to boost business performance? 

At Moot we help you reframe the vision for your business and set a new course to improved profitability and sustainable growth.

Business turnaround demands a holistic approach as underperformance is rarely down to a single cause. It involves examining all areas of your organisation, taking a step back to look at potentially more than one area in need of attention.

Our approach considers all aspects of your business;

We look at strategy, operating model, products & services, fulfilment and “back-office”. Our analysis takes in and challenges your current strategy…is it still fit for purpose? We guide you through a process of innovation to refresh and improve your product or service portfolio. We will help you reorganise your supply chain or your fulfilment process and we’ll ensure that all the process flows are efficient and work well for your business, supported by the best organisation structure.

Programme Leadership

With years of experience in programme leadership we guide your business programme or project with agility and insight.

Whether you need guidance with your strategic portfolio, or support on a project, risk evaluation, or quantification of benefits delivery, our industry experience supports you with a programme tailored for your business.

View our Programme Management case study  

See how Moot led the turnaround of a global children’s footwear business, stimulating double digit growth after many seasons of declining sales.