Strategy is about setting the direction for your company so that everyone knows where they’re heading.

Whether you’re a small business setting your path for scalable growth, or a large company reframing objectives, we can help by developing a transformative strategy, tailored to the ambitions and resources of your business.

The challenge and immediacy of day-to-day operational matters often gets in the way of taking the time to plan and set out the path for the future.  Yet the decisions you’re making every day about your business, will affect the future, your growth and the profit that will be achieved.  So how can you be confident that you’re making the right decisions and that they will achieve the goals you have set for your business?

We draw on our experience, focussing on the issues facing your organisation to develop sustainable solutions that are effective for you.  We use our experience and insight, working with you and with your team, to develop a plan that meets the needs of your business and that, crucially, can be communicated and delivered effectively.

We believe in challenging ideas, stress-testing and validating plans at every step to ensure that they are robust. We will model different outcomes, allowing you to choose the strategic option that best suits your resources and ambitions and if required, we can support the implementation of your plan too.

Business Planning & Analysis

Moot has a range of ‘scenario’ and ‘assumption’-based planning techniques to help you make sense of the future. We can review your own planning process or we can help you create one from the bottom up.

Business planning and analysis is an essential part of strategy formulation. Without it, the process becomes little more than a matter of compounding educated guesses.

At Moot we see robust analysis and planning as the basis of an evidence-based approach to strategy.

Well-executed, dynamic business planning, which is backed up by effective economic modelling, can provide insights that drive sound commercial decision-making.

Understanding the real drivers of your business enables management teams to proactively steer developments, rather than simply react to events.

Our approach draws upon the experience of your team, their understanding of cause and effect in your sector, to create a dynamic approach to solving business problems. Understanding risk and timing is the first step towards effective contingency.

Opportunity Framing

Any strategy development exercise is likely to throw up a large range of ideas, many of which will ultimately prove impractical or unprofitable…but some may prove to be gems!

We help teams quickly articulate embryonic ideas, provide constructive challenge, identify any risks and create “thumbnail” economics to help sort the potential winners from the crowd.

Opportunity framing is a means of quickly distilling ideas and testing feasibility to arrive at a manageable number of development initiatives.

Management teams are rarely short of new ideas, which means that companies can experience a level of paralysis caused by competing and overlapping initiatives. It is essential that these ideas are framed and evaluated quickly to create a coherent strategy, avoiding duplication of responsibilities or competing initiatives.   

Having the ideas is the easy bit!  Moot will help you work out how they could work best for your business.