Could a change in the operating model of your organisation be the catalyst that is needed to boost business performance?

At Moot we take a holistic view of your organisation to identify opportunities for growth and performance improvement. Is there another way to structure your business to get better results?  Do you have the skills and capability needed to make your organisation as effective as it could be? 

We’ll look closely at the strategic goals and develop the operating model that will ensure the successful delivery of your strategy. We focus on identifying the capabilities that already exist and those that will be needed to achieve your business ambition.  We’ll also look at structures and processes ensuring that efficiency and effectiveness are always top of mind.

Organisation Design

You already know that the people in your organisation are central to your success. But could they be more effective?  We will create the detailed design of an organisation structure that will support the ambitions of your business.

We help you define the high-level structures and reporting relationships making sure your people are best placed to give maximum effectiveness.

We use a trusted technique to map the capabilities in your organisation, highlighting skill requirements and structural changes that will support the delivery of your business ambitions.

We’ll provide you with a detailed organisation structure including job descriptions, accountabilities and reporting structures. We’ll even map out your processes and meeting structures so that everything runs smoothly.

And, we’d be happy to support recruitment and implementation of your new structure if required.

Leading Transformation & Change 

There is a truism that prevails in life and business – “change happens”.  The question is how to lead through change?  

How do you bring the people in your organisation with you? How is it possible to transform your business for the better to respond to the change around you?

In today’s challenging world there is constant pressure on businesses to respond to the changes around them and succeed. So, the ability to manage change will be a significant competitive advantage for organisations of the future.

Whether you need help with small incremental change implementation – or whether its a bold transformation that you wish to make.  Whether it’s a change in strategy, re-organisation, changing the focus of your business onto the consumer, supporting rapid expansion or even diversifying your business, we’d like to partner you.

At Moot we are experienced at leading change, whether it be a large transformation programme or achieving more subtle cultural shifts. We bring deep industry knowledge, meaningful insight and we have our own trusted approach and method, which relies on alignment and transparency.

Above all else we know that all successful change programmes turn on your people and the effectiveness of your communication with them.

If you’re thinking about change in your business, talk to us!