Operational Efficiency

At Moot, we look deep into an organisation’s value chain, to explore how it can be improved, made more efficient or delivered more effectively.  Taking a holistic look at operational efficiency offers many commercial advantages.

We use our industry experience to pinpoint operational strengths and weaknesses, down to the fine details, to achieve measurable and sustainable improvement. It is by challenging conventional thinking that we can help you to improve the efficiency of your business. We’ll look at costs, products, services, processes and infrastructure right across the value chain to find the opportunities that lie hidden.

When presented with a question from our clients we often provide an unexpected answer. The question that is being asked is likely to have arisen from a deeper problem from elsewhere in the value chain.

At Moot we listen and explore the full context of a question. We delve even deeper into your business and bring an external, experienced perspective to tackle the cause of the problem.

So when a large global organisation asked us to develop a model for a business separate from the rest of the organisation – we listened to their ideas, but advised against it.

When a client wanted to build a new department, we advised against it and suggested more efficient alternatives.

And when a medium-sized footwear business wanted to invest in new brands, we advised against that too, suggesting instead that they focus on core competencies where they were already strong players.

Read how Moot have delivered bottom line improvement for clients, by focussing on operational efficiency……..

Supply Chain

Understanding your supply chain is critical to understanding your business.  Do you know yours and how it works?

We used our deep understanding of the supply chain to identify multiple marginal improvements, culminating in a multi-million Euro saving for this global corporation.  Read how Moot were able to improve business performance by analysing the value chain in these organisations.

Programme Leadership

With years of experience in programme leadership we guide your business programme or project with agility and insight.

Whether you need guidance with your strategic portfolio, or support on a project, risk evaluation, or quantification of benefits delivery, our industry experience supports you with a programme tailored for your business.

You are faced with implementing a major change in your organisation.  It’s a significant and complex exercise involving many facets of your business and its interaction with the outside world.

The outcomes of this change will have a significant impact on the organisation’s growth plans, not to mention current trading and the reputation of the business.

A dedicated programme manager can help pull together and co-ordinate the numerous strands of a complex exercise, maximising the chances of a smooth transition and sustainable improvement.

From delivering transformational change in global footwear companies to guiding a major Italian energy company through the game-changing impacts of market reform, Moot has the experience to navigate the complexities of major programmes and deliver sustainable change.

We understand that effective programme management is so much more than maintaining a project plan.  It requires judgement, negotiation, timely challenge and, most of all, effective communication. Done well it will create lasting value across the business

At Moot we have many years of experience at framing, defining and delivering large, transformational programmes. We understand the importance and the challenge of interpreting the strategic goal, defining the components of the programme to meets those goals and communicating the plan to the people who will deliver it.

We also recognise that the role of the programme manager is one of constructive challenge and dialogue to highlight areas of high risk, working with management to identify and mitigate the issues that inevitably arise in any medium to long term project.