How Effective is your Brand & Marketing?

As consumers, we receive about 5,000 marketing messages per day  – but how many do we actually recall? It all makes for a very noisy space but one thing remains certain, amidst all this noise, and that is that brand matters!

  • Are you making the best of your brand?
  • Are you achieving cut-through with your brand & marketing and communications?
  • Do you have a commercial strategy to back up your brand & marketing propositions?
  • Do you need help to revitalise your brand?

Brand Development
We use brand-building strategies to determine your unique proposition, achieving cut-through and essential connection to your consumer. We’ll work with you to develop innovative and creative solutions that will have a lasting impact.

Marketing Consulting
We’ll work with you to develop a marketing strategy that delivers tangible results. We blend research, insight and trends, with creative stimulus and an understanding of your business, to inform an incisive brief that will generate the best creative responses.

New Product Development
We bring years of experience at developing new products and services, balancing  creativity with sound research and a consumer-focussed approach. We believe that innovation lies at the heart of sustainable business growth, creating new opportunities and strong brands.

Brand Development

In a packed marketplace brand identity is everything.

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business, your strongest asset; representing your reputation, your attitudes, values and purpose.  Nurturing your brand, investing in it and innovating are some of the most important and challenging business activities you’ll undertake.

Moot will work with you, using our own trusted brand development framework, helping you to pinpoint your unique positioning, how your brand can be differentiated from others in the marketplace, and why consumers should choose your brand over any other.

Identifying your unique positioning and proposition is the essential driver to effective marketing communications and the key to improved business performance.

We can help you develop and articulate your brand story in a way that resonates with consumers, providing a clear creative brief to inspire designers and advertisers.

We have worked on some of the biggest brands and household names around the world.  One thing we have learned is how vital it is to update your brand, develop new products and listen to your consumers and customers – they know your brand best of all.


Business is in a state of flux caused by disruptive technology and societal change. Innovation in business has never been more important

But innovation is a word much-used and little understood, to the extent that many managers see a few “tweaks” to business-as-usual…as boldly innovative!

We see things a bit differently!  Innovation is not just about the occasional flash of inspiration or indeed a “diarised” annual workshop intended to promote spontaneous creativity.

Innovation is both a culture and a process. We will guide you through an approach that blends traditional brainstorming with value-chain and competitor analysis, right through to project definition, economic analysis and opportunity ranking. But as inspiration rarely happens to order we can also show you how to encourage spontaneous “eureka” contributions and record ideas as they happen.

Our approach will kick-start innovation in your organisation while creating the structures that will allow the benefits to be felt long afterwards.