Programme Management

  • A global footwear company needed to urgently address the decline in its children’s business
  • Moot developed and implemented a transformational strategy
  • Moot defined and managed the work programme across cross-functional teams to deliver an effective new operating model to drive growth.

From Good to Great: Inspirational programme management creates lasting value

When an already successful business asks for help to lead change, it’s not going to be an easy win. Moot managed this programme across a diverse stakeholder group, delivering lasting business improvement well beyond programme completion.

What was the problem?
The challenge from the Managing Board of this international footwear brand was to analyse the key drivers of their existing children’s business, quantifying both the constraints within the current model and the potential opportunities for growing the business.

What did Moot do?
A range of strategic options were evaluated for risk factors and any possible impacts on the current business. High-level costs, benefits and processes involved for each strategic option were considered before settling on a final recommendation for the Board. Moot then led the detailed design of the programme implementation for the preferred option.

The programme involved a phased scoping study, opportunity framing and, subsequently, strategy development. Working across the value chain from production to end consumer, it touched on all departments within this vertically-integrated global operation. With their deep subject-matter expertise, Moot added distinctive value to the programme, providing the insight and challenge that would cut through the inevitable silo-thinking that can occur in large corporations.

What were the results?
The resulting proposal back to the Managing Board was not what they expected, but the subsequent results have been tangible and impressive: Quick wins resulted in immediate benefits, whilst longer-term improvements have already delivered additional value in double digit sales growth and value chain efficiencies.   Tangible ongoing improvements are still coming through with each development season.

There's no such thing as a standard solution!

We work with each business to develop the solution that is just right for them, underpinned by sound thinking and commercial judgement.

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"Jane was the project manager at all times, she knows the business from the ground to the top, which was very clear during the whole project. Quite a number of people were involved from many parts of the organisation, and she set the working standards, structure and timelines. With her highly professional skills and very good project management she not only kept to the timeline but kept everyone motivated."

Sales Director, Kids’ Business Unit, ECCO Sko A/S