Organisation Design

  • A small company experiencing rapid expansion was facing an organisational design crisis, needing to recruit quickly to keep apace of a sharp increase in orders.
  • Moot supported promptly by mapping capability across the organisation’s delivery functions, highlighting the pressure points where new skills were urgently needed.
  • This resulted in the immediate recruitment of two senior-level roles and two more junior roles to support the sales success.

Think about the bigger picture, before recruiting to fill a gap!

Too often MD’s want to recruit first, plan later. But how do talented people know if they want to join your company when they don’t know where or how they’ll fit in?

Our approach to Organisation Design
When asked to support a recruitment project the first question we always ask at Moot is “what is the wider organisational-structure and where will this new recruit fit in?” 

Good planning and capability-mapping has enabled our clients to understand precisely the calibre of individual they are seeking and how they will complement existing teams, before investing in a new recruit.

Moot’s straightforward approach to capability mapping

Understand the value-chain within the organisation, map the skills and expertise required to make it work.  Then, using a simple visual tool tailored to each business, we will clearly illustrate the gaps that need filling.  From there it is possible to design the organisation that fits your business needs rather than work from a generic model.

Whether a multinational or a small business, we believe that it’s as important for your existing workforce to know where someone new is going to fit in, as it is for the new recruit! All the best organisations place emphasis on the rapid embedding and integration of new talent.  Recruiting to a well thought out organisational-design and, knowing the capabilities you have…and need, is the key to success.

Moot’s experience spans large multinationals with complex matrix structures, to small businesses where a tight executive team benefits from additional bench-strength to get the job done.

Moot will help you define the high-level structures and reporting relationships for your organisation, making sure your people are best placed for maximum effectiveness.