Strategy & Turnaround

This international footwear brand, renowned for its contemporary design and quality, was facing a decline in its Childrens’ business.  Moot was invited to lead the rethink of the global strategy and business model.

A turnaround strategy was defined and a new business unit was created with its own 5 year plan.

One year on, percentage sales increases are in double digits and contribution is on course to more than double by 2020.


An external perspective brings insight and challenge to establish a “group rethink” on strategy.  Often clients need support to create the strategy and framework that will reinvigorate business performance. As experts in this field, Moot were engaged by this footwear company to redefine and revitalise the children’s footwear business strategy, leading the work and providing the insight and challenge to deliver real business improvement.

What was the problem?
Sales were trending downwards and the strategic focus of the organisation was elsewhere. The challenge from the Managing Board was to redefine the business model and strategy with the objective of more than doubling the pairs of childrens’ shoes within the next three years.

What did Moot do?
Moot led an internal team to conduct a situation assessment, highlighting some of the strategic challenges within the business. A dynamic dashboard of risks and opportunities was drawn up, putting the focus on the areas that needed real improvement.  The new business-model proposed leveraging existing infrastructure to best advantage and placed the strategic focus downstream where intervention and improvement was required.

What were the results?
Ultimately a new “Kids” business unit was formed with a focus on sales-growth and cost improvement, supported by a proactive marketing plan to breathe energy back into this leading brand.

The programme is ongoing, the foundations have been laid with improvement in cost structures, process, design, sales and marketing.  The benefits and improvements for the longer term will be realised over the next three years with early indications showing that the required turnaround has been achieved.

Work with Moot

We work with you to focus on the issues facing your organisation, to develop effective strategies for growth and turnaround.

"We worked together at ECCO in a project for more than a year. Jane set the working standards, the structure and timelines. Quite a number of people were involved from many parts of the organisation. With her highly professional skills she showed very good management, organization and motivation of people."

Sales Director, Kids’ Business Unit, ECCO Sko A/S