Brand & Marketing Strategy

This world renown heritage brand was in need of a brand & marketing strategy rethink in the face of heavy competition from lower cost branded alternatives.  With an imperative to differentiate it’s unique pedigree, Moot were asked to help.


The Client

Axminster carpet is a name known worldwide as a traditionally-woven, high-quality product. Axminster Carpets Ltd is the direct descendant of the original company founded by Thomas Whitty in 1755 and still manufacturing carpets at the company’s historical home at Axminster in Devon. The company has been responsible for designing and manufacturing some of the most famous and striking carpets in the world and proudly remains a Royal Warrant Holder.

The Challenge

Tradition and heritage alone are no guarantee of success and this company was faced with a pressing need to revitalise a flagging brand image. High quality materials and a UK manufacturing base placed this business in the upper-quartile of pricing, with little to differentiate them from lower-cost alternatives. The company was in urgent need of updating its brand & marketing strategy to both reflect changing consumer habits and underline its premium-quality positioning.

What did Moot do?

Moot guided the managing team through a process to define its brand & marketing strategy, refining its brand message so that it would resonate with modern residential consumers and commercial buyers.  It was important to capture the essence of the product in a style that would be consistent, easily recalled and deliverable across a diverse range of media. The disciplined approach ensured that the brand message was distilled down to a small number of core attributes, laying the foundations for consistent and appealing brand communications.


“Moot have been a great help in in supporting our Brand & Marketing strategy so that we could kick-start our brand-refresh at Axminster Carpets. They brought an external perspective which sharpened our focus on key drivers of the business, resulting in a strategy that will deliver”

Marketing Director, Axminster Carpets. March 2017

Pin-pointing your unique brand proposition is the essence of effective marketing communications.

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