Moot Consulting

With over 50 years of combined experience in top-6 management consultancies and major corporates, we have seen business from both sides of the fence at Moot Consulting.  We use our experience to create achievable, transformative solutions tailored to the ambitions and resources of our clients.

We, listen…to understand the nature of the challenge facing your business,
Use robust analysis to drive evidence-based solutions,
Bring challenge and external perspectives to stimulate ideas and thinking.
We work together to develop practical and sustainable solutions to business challenges,
…and always remember that businesses are run…by people!

Jane Wilson – Managing Partner

Jane has over 20 years experience at board level, creating growth and business turnaround throughout her career.  She was CEO and Marketing Director of the children’s footwear group Start-rite and Chief Product Officer at Clarks International.  She has extensive international experience across the value chain, leading brand and market development, global change and infrastructure programmes, and product design & sourcing. 

Jane has an instinctive understanding of consumer and market needs, with a sharp focus on the commercial drivers of a business.  She works with clarity and vision using her knowledge and experience to create simple transformative strategies.

She uses her energy and enthusiasm to inspire teams at all levels of a business, helping them to develop and deliver strong commercial results.

David Easterfield – Managing Partner

David is a Management Consultant, with an MBA from Manchester Business School and a background in Earth Sciences.  He has worked for two of the big international management consultancies, Ernst & Young and PA Consulting. Subsequently at Royal Dutch Shell he was an Internal Strategic Consultant and a senior commercial advisor to the Group. He worked with Logica leading solutions development early in his consulting career.

David has strong consultancy skills across strategy, organisation models, system-infrastructures, analytics and business economics.  He has led projects at a senior level to governments and major European corporations, and has lived and worked in the Netherlands and Italy, so is well accustomed to adapting to diverse cultures and working practices.

David has a rigorous and practical style and strives to extract the simplicity from business issues wherever possible. 


From time to time we work with trusted associates; subject matter experts who share our values and whom we trust to deliver to the same high standard for your business.

We're in it together!

We are committed to developing practical and sustainable solutions that work for your business.

Talk to us - see how we can inspire new thinking in your organisation!